Armored Warfare - M60-2000 NEON DLC STEAM KEY GLOBAL 🎁

Armored Warfare - M60-2000 NEON DLC STEAM KEY GLOBAL 🎁
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The M60-2000 was a prototype upgrade for the M60 Patton series of Main Battle Tanks from the late 1990s. The idea behind it was to replace the old M60 turret with one from the Abrams MBT in order to provide a cost-effective solution for the owners of the Patton series. It was offered to several countries with Turkey showing the most interest, but lost the competition for Turkish M60 upgrades to the Israeli Sabra.

In Armored Warfare, the M60-2000 is a Tier 7 Main Battle Tank. Its main advantages include well-protected turret and a 120mm M256 gun on Tier 7, making this tank a deadly opponent, especially if fighting defensively with the hull hidden behind cover. However, its hull is quite fragile for its tier, making this tank more suitable as a second-line support vehicle, firing at its enemies from distance.